Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YOLO: You Only Live Once

The Teen has a phrase: YOLO. It stands for You Only Live Once. She uses it quite a bit. It's a fun phrase to her and she lives life fairly happily. She's off to college in less than a month and I know she's ready.

I'll miss her, but I believe this will be an exciting transition for the entire family.

As part of my YOLO attitude, I've decided to feel the fear and go for it anyway. Yes, I've been afraid of failing at this writing gig more times than I can count: especially this year. I've wanted to quit numerous times. You can read about all my angst in my January blogs. I was very full of doubt and despair, but I pushed through it with the help of my critique partners and writing friends.

There is NO other option.

So my YOLO mantra will be about taking more chances as a writer. Trusting my heart and my instincts about the story and the characters. Believing that if another writer can get published by my dream line, than I can, too.

It will happen.

There is NO other option.

So You Only Live Once. This year while my darling Teen heads to college to embrace her new adventure, I want to embrace mine. I'm a writer. Whether I get the call this year or next year, I am a writer. Whether I never get the call at all, I'm still a writer.

I do have control over many aspects of this career. I have a plan. The plan is in place. I am executing the plan at my pace and toward my goal. Other people might achieve their goals faster, or take shortcuts, but I am taking the road less traveled and sticking to my guns.

I want it all. That's it.


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