Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Hats: One At A Time

Before the writing became a FULL time job without pay (unless you count quarters in a decorated tin can) I was a mother. I am still a mother. But the Senior graduating teen hasn't really wanted me to "hover" over her during this year (that's a blog for all mothers right), so I have tried really hard to let her go and leave her to her devices.

Great? Right? But the thing is she is still a 17 year old and she is still my teenager. So occasionally the Momma Cap has to come out and be slipped onto my head so I can focus on launching her out the door and into the world.

Not an easy launch. I have major writing deadlines which, while I am NOT getting paid, require a lot of my energy. I write 4-5 hours a day, workout, do all the normal things every housewife does, and I look after the family.

Now it's college crunch time. We have had a lot of letters come in from the colleges. I had folders. I admit, I didn't read them all word for word cause the chick hadn't made up her mind about where she was going for sure until a week ago. And, as life would have it, in waiting to decide she may have forgotten to send in her letter for the Honors College. We don't know. She got the information in February. It was an online form. She thinks she filled it out. But we haven't received paperwork.

And a MONTH ago I was laying in bed having mini panic attacks about all the "what ifs" and how does this online college stuff work because I never went to college until I was 22 and things have changed a lot since I graduated. But I was told, "don't worry and quit hovering" so I tried not to interfere.

Suddenly there is a crisis. Now who gets to fix it? Oh, that would be ME because writing is not as important as fixing this problem. BUT what I don't like about this is I ASKED A MONTH AGO ABOUT THIS STUFF and there WOULD BE NO PROBLEM if people hadn't pooh poohed my concern.

And that includes the PHYSICIST. So this is my mini rant. I am not happy about this situation. I am wondering what else hasn't happened. I have lost hours of sleep over this and I really didn't want to deal with this while I am working on my revisions, but that's life. Kid first, writing second. That's just the way of it all.

Nora Roberts said there are glass balls and rubber balls that we juggle. Glass balls include family and kids and real life issues. This is a glass ball that I have to keep in the air.

Dusting? Laundry? Those are rubber balls. Guess what? Neither are getting done today.

What are you juggling and keeping in the air when you're not writing? What stops you? Oh, and how do you get back on track? I do it by telling myself I MUST WRITE 3-4 hours minimum per day. I will complete that task even if I have to go past my usual STOP time.

What's your solution to life interferences?

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