Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Mash Up

I've been a busy bee over the weekend. First I went to my Heart of Dixie Romance Writer Chapter meeting. We celebrated all kinds of wonderfulness in our writing world. Two of our PRO writers have joined the ranks of published writers which continues to give this writer hope for her own writing future. One of our board members made Coconut Cake. And I had some. Well, I ate a good sized piece. Delish!

I blogged about my journey from feeling tied down to having no strings on Sunday on the Romance Magician's blog. You can read about it here. I am eagerly hosting two guests this week. On July 12th, I'm celebrating Adrienne Giordano's debut novel and on July 15th the fantabulous Margie Lawson is visiting my blog and posting a guest blog. I'm very excited about both events.

Heart of Dixie's Online workshops are gearing up for the month of August. We are holding a class about FAT FREE WRITING taught by the Grammar Divas. For more information, visit our HOD Website here. I'm looking forward to trimming my own writing as well as to learning how to Empower My Characters Emotions during the July 23rd all day workshop held in Birmingham by my wonderful Southern Magic writing chapter. You can still sign up for it and learn more about it here.

So that's my Monday Mash Up. I'll be back on Wednesday to blog about my new tornado shelter. I need decorating ideas!


Katherine Bone said...

Cool doin's, Christine! You busy as always. I wish I had your energy. ;)

That cake was delish, and I don't eat coconut! ;)

Christine said...

The cake was beyond good. I'll have to get the recipe from Jean! I just made a great chocolate pecan pie yesterday. Decadent and yummy!!