Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful Wacky Wednesday

I have a lot of things to share today.

On Monday I celebrated my 500th blog! I had so much fun tripping down memory lane with you. And I promised that one of my commenters would receive a prize.

The winner is Sandy Elzie!! 
I'm giving you a $10 Starbucks Coffee Card!! 

The Heart of Dixie Online Workshops are gearing up for business again. As moderator, I want to share this great workshop with you. I hope to see you in the class.

2011 Workshop at Heart of Dixie

Prose & Contests: Everything  You Wanted to Know about Writing Contests But Were Afraid to Ask
Amy Atwell
May 2-27
Cost: $20

Description: Overwhelmed by the number of writing contests out there?  Unsure whether to enter?  Unclear about why you should enter?  This class is geared for unpublished writers seeking feedback and/or a chance to final in the hundreds of writing contests offered through RWA® chapters. 

Contests offer opportunities for feedback from published authors, agents and editors.  But contests cost money and valuable writing time.  This interactive lecture format will include handouts, examples and open Q&A to help writers understand what they can expect to gain from entering a contest.  The class will provide an overview of the contest process, sources for researching contests, help writers identify their motives for entering a contest, and even give tips on preparing your contest entry.

Bio2008 Golden Heart® finalist Amy Atwell has experienced every aspect of writing contests.  Having entered over 60 contests over the past ten years, her manuscripts have won the Winter Rose, Great Expectations, Beacon, Golden Gateway, Heart of Outreach contests and Award of Excellence.  She has over 25 contest finals to her credit, including The Maggie, The Sheila and The Daphne du Maurier contests.  Amy's also judged numerous contests including Romance Through The Ages, Great Expectations, The Golden Pen, The Barclay Sterling, More Than Magic, and she coordinated the 2009 Golden Pen Contest.   In addition to her writing, Amy runs the WritingGIAM community of loops to help goal-oriented writers improve their productivity.  Read more about Amy at her website:


I'm heading to Atlanta for the Georgia Romance Writer's day long workshop run by Nancy Knight. It's not too late to sign up. I'd love to see one of my cyber friends on Saturday! If you are interested in going, click here.

Stay tuned for another Road Trip blog. This time I'm bringing Darling Hubby with me to share the adventure in Georgia. I'm wondering how he'll survive being around so many romance writers, but he's getting kind of used to us now. While I am attending the Nancy Knight workshop, he'll be exploring Historic Decatur and, if I know him, reading some very complicated physics book. 

I'm considering this a training run for a bigger conference in his future. You never know. He might have to sit next to me when I wait for the Rita Winners to get announced :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

Yay, Sandy! Congratulations.

Christine, you've got a great blog here. Keep up the good work!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Enjoy Atlanta! I hope the husband experiment works out. ;-)

Sandy Elzie said...

Thank you so much! I love Starbucks...iced or hot (g)

I love your blog...way to go, girl!


Christine said...

Hi Carol: Thanks so much for your kind words! Stay tuned for the Road Trip with Darling Hubby. :-)

Christine said...

Hi Gwen: I will keep you posted about the Darling Hubby AKA Science Guy's experiment with the GRWA Romance Writers! I think he'll have a ball!

Christine said...

Hi Sandy: I'm so glad you love Starbucks! Woohoo!! I can't wait to give your prize to you.

Thanks for your kind words about the blog. It is a passion for sure!


Sharon Wray said...

Have a wonderful trip, Christine! And congratulations on reaching your 500th post. That's a huge accomplishment and you should be so proud!
Can't wait to hear about your trip next week. Call me!

Linsey Lanier said...

You've written 500 BLOG POSTS??!!?? I'm really impressed, Christine. They ought to give out a trophy for that. Can't wait to see you at the workshop. :)

Katherine Bone said...

Have a great time, Christine! ;)

Blessings to your hubby. Mine wouldn't do it.

Katherine Bone said...

Oh! Many pardons. Congratulations on hitting #500! ;)

Christine said...

Hi Sharon: I am so glad you figured out how to follow me LOL. Love you girl! You're a brilliant writer and that's the most important part of this business. We'll get you twitterfied and facebook crazy after you sell!!



Christine said...

Hi Linsey: I wrote them over a 2.5 year period (since November 2008) so I'm not that great LOL. But I do love blogging. It's a great outlet for my writing spirit. I never thought about trying to get a trophy for my blog posts. Hmmmm interesting thought. I do, however, pay myself a quarter for every blog I post. So maybe I should do more blogs?

See you on Saturday!


Christine said...

Hi Kathy: My hubby has been tortured by the girls in his life for years. We've painted his toenails while he was sleeping (yes-cruel, but funny, too), made him wear Mickey Mouse Ear Tuxedo hat for his anniversary, and now I'm throwing him into the best and most wonderful group I know -- ROMANCE WRITERS. Frankly, I think we're amazing and he's married to one, so tons of them should be great!

Thanks for the well-wishes about my blog posts!


Wendy S. Marcus said...

Busy, busy! Be sure to make time to write!

Christine said...

Hi Wendy: I'm being really good, I promise. I finished my revision on my R&R (the rest of the story LOL) this week. I am prepping contest entries and sending them off by tonight. I can't wait to get to Atlanta for the workshop. I think it will help me brainstorm my Prisoner of Love story and come up with a new scenario for the story. Love the characters -- now I need to figure out why they are together :-)

Hope your writing is going well. I'll be celebrating your debut novel on the blog very soon!