Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Petits Fours & Hot Tamales-My New Ongoing Guest Blogger Gig

I'm really excited to announce my new guest blogger gig with the Petits Fours & Hot Tamales blog hosted by some fabulous writers with the Georgia Romance Writers of America. I joined GRWA almost two years ago after I attended my first Moonlight and Magnolias Conference in 2009. Sure, I was already a member of two groups in Alabama, but I'm a social girl and this group was so welcoming I couldn't resist becoming a part of their vibrant writing chapter. 

I learned about PF&HT while I was there and I've followed their blog ever since. They keep things hopping with interesting blogs and four amazing events including the Brenda Novak Auction to benefit Diabetes. I've met several of the members during my visits to Atlanta for the meetings. They are gracious, kind, and fun-loving. So when Debbie Kaufman, a 2010 MAGGIE WINNER, called me to ask if I wanted to become part of their online blog world, I felt very honored by their request. 

Now I have a tangible way to be a part of my GA writing chapter via an online commitment. I seem to have an online trend going which works well for me given my time and distance constraints. I'm also the online workshop moderator and coordinator for my wonderful Heart of Dixie Chapter. And I love blogging once a month for my super Southern Magic Chapter on their Romance Magicians blog. Now I will blog once a month with PFHT and, even better, I get to help out with the Brenda Novak Auction

Here are some of the things that make PF&HT a fabulous blog.

*Author Cara Marsi is doing a travel post on Rome, Italy on January 16th.  
*February 6th, PF&HT blogger, Marilyn Baron, has a travel post on her cruise to New England.  This is a feature they started as a way pass on some inside information to authors that they might not have known about a location or to maybe give them an idea for a new location for their books.
*There is a new feature for the Guest Chefs where she is featuring The Call story (I got this from Carol's wonderful The Call post).   
*They post book reviews each weekend and even share a spot with another review blog called the Romance Dish. They have a special page listing all the reviewed books as well as a page for all the locations we've featured on our travel page. 
*There is a free reads page and they are planning another story to come out this year.

So come over and visit me tomorrow. I'd love the company at my new ongoing blog gig!


Pam said...

Wow, Christine, you are one busy woman! I, too, was thrilled when Debbie asked me to join the PFHT. I am looking forward to reading your post tomorrow; my turn comes next week!

Christine said...

Hi Pam: I'm so glad you are part of the PF&HT team as well. I wasn't sure about my post, but it's ready to roll now. I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

And I'm looking forward to reading your debut post, too! Good times!

Hope you're staying warm and safe during this winter weather!


Gwen Hernandez said...

Good luck, Christine! I know you'll be great. Can't wait to read your debut post. =)

Christine said...

Thanks Gwen. I'm excited about tomorrow. And stay tuned. More changes coming due to Shabby blogs updates. Darling Teen is redoing my template.


Robin said...

Congrats and have fun, Christine! I'll be sure to check things out over there!

Christine said...

Hi Robin: Thanks for your support, I'll look for you over at the PFHT blog tomorrow.


Nicki Salcedo said...

I'll be there to support you!

Christine said...

Thanks Nicki. I appreciate it! And thanks for checking out my teen's hard work for me. Isn't the blog lovely? I'm so excited.

Sherry Werth said...

Congrats on the new blog Christine! I know it will be great! I'll be back at work tomorrow (Hopefully!) but I'll try my best to check in. :-D

Christine said...

Hi Sherry: I am very excited about PF&HT tomorrow. The debut!! Darling teen did a fabulous job redoing my blog. I am so proud of her. I am actually hiring her to be my web mistress. She'll earn some shopping money from me as she builds my site.

Thanks for dropping by the Veranda!