Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dowager Feline's Advice for the Day

Yesterday, I blogged about busy-ness leading to dizzy-ness. The best way to counter busy-ness is to learn how to relax and just be in the moment.

The Dowager Feline meows in agreement. She knows all too well the importance of finding a cozy spot and curling up to rest for a long while. She's learned that she needs to take time out from her busy schedule of harassing me for more food, pretending she's still a kitten and playing with her younger feline friend's toys, and watching the birds play outside when she is on the screened in veranda. 

Remember to take time out. Take time to be in the moment. Take time to relax and refresh your soul. If you don't have a soul that is refreshed, if your spirit is in constant "go mode" you will get frazzled and your work, whether it is writing or painting or mothering or ... you get the picture... will suffer. You will suffer. And you will not give your best to your work or your projects. 

And do this without guilt or angst. Who decided we had to be busy all the time? Who made that plan? I didn't. Our society tends to put a lot of pressure on us to go all the time, be connected all the time via the Internet and email. Do you realize how brain sucking this is? I do. 

So does the Dowager Feline. That's why she's curled up in my office, sleeping comfortably and dreaming about mice and fields and fun.


JustineDell said...

Cute kitty. All those pics make me want to curl up and take a nap!


Christine said...

I will pass along your compliment to the Dowager Feline. I'm sure she'll purr in delight.

Yeah, I want to curl up, too. And it's one of those lazy days for doing it here in AL.

Piedmont Writer said...

Dowager Kitty reminds me of my old cat before she passed. No matter where I was sitting in the house, she would find me and curl up. Something about that purr would instantly relax me.

Christine said...

Yes, Dowager Feline is much the same way. She actually is quite old, but very feisty for 18 and a bit. She's frightened me few times with her health issues, but right now she's on an upswing.

That little kitty's lived in all three of my houses since I got her.


KarenG said...

We can learn a lot from cats! What cozy pics!

Christine said...

Hi Karen--we can learn a lot from cats, dogs and toddlers. Every time I watch a young child play, I am uplifted.

Martha W said...

Awww... beautiful kitty. She sure knows how to live, that's for sure! :)

You are so right, Christine. If I don't take time to just enjoy being a living, breathing soul - I get burned out very quickly.

Which is why I'm headed to the Zoo tomorrow! Woohoo!


Christine said...

Martha: the zoo sounds wonderful! I am going shopping with my teen this afternoon--another kind of zoo but just as fun cause I'm spending time with my darling daughter.

Have fun!